a year older

Yesterday, July 18th, was my birthday! Because it was a Monday and a lot of my friends were out of town, we are going to be celebrating later this week! But birthdays aren’t all about celebrating. I had a great year. I started this blog and with that came many hardships and difficulties and changes. … More a year older

one day…

am i the only one who daydreams about getting married even though it is not going to happen for 15+ years?! i love looking at pretty dresses and fantasizing about my first dance and what the decorations are going to be like. i spend way to much of my life doing this, haha. whatever it’s … More one day…

lazy sunday

today is gonna be the best lazy sunday EVER! your welcome. here’s what you need. a good book. salt to the sea, by ruta sepetys is unreal. an awesome movie. i love shrek, but also a more laid-back movie would be pride and prejudice because duh. good eats. breakfast: try these strawberry lemon poppyseed pancakes. lunch: this quinoa fruit salad is … More lazy sunday

travel bucketlist

eeeekkkkk long time no talk…. happy april everyone! i got back from florida wednesday and i still haven’t had time to put together a post yet. i’m hoping i’ll have it up this wednesday but no promises. it is currently snowing here so hopefully april snow showers bring may flowers? i’m keeping my fingers crossed … More travel bucketlist

getting ready….

eeeekkk!!!! i’m left for florida today!!! i packed the other night, and was just to excited not to share. i hope this isn’t too boring because i know i didn’t show a lot of the clothes in detail. it’s just a way to intrigue you into watching for my travel posts and diary where these … More getting ready….

basic is boring

i admit, i have a very basic style. i have been trying to branch out lately, even though i just bought a new pair of white converse. being bold can be scary, but i think it is time to give it a try. here are some things to spice up your closet: tie dye! it … More basic is boring