long time no see…

hey strangers! i’m back and hopefully in full force! for the past few months i have been working on a project that i couldn’t share. i was on a charity mission for 3 months in chile. i am back now and i wish i had pictures to show you but there was a strict no phones allowed rule which i kinda loved and the pictures taken on real cameras have not come in yet. there’s something so relaxing about getting rid of social media and texting and scrolling through your phone for hours.

my experiences were so great in chile and i want to share with you. it’s so humbling to see how happy these suffering children really are despite having little to nothing. it’s crazy. it really makes me wonder how a lot of times i can be so negative and i have so much compared to these wonderfully positive people who have so little.

throughout this mission, i made some bonds that i will never forget. i have always loved children but there was something special about these kids. their happy energy just radiated off onto everyone they spoke to. i made an especially amazing bond with one little boy, tomas. tomas was a 7 year old boy who loved to play football (soccer). he just had this old, dirty, ripped ball and he was so happy to have it. he ran around playing with himself and sometimes a friend, but he just had the time of his life not thinking about anything but chasing after this ball. i played soccer with him all the time. we ran around together playing the silly games he made up and he loved it. sadly, tomas was one of the children that really needed our help. he had a terminal illness and he did not have the care that he needed before my group showed up. even though we gave him our best treatment the sickness was terminal and he eventually passed away. this was heartbreaking for me. we had become so close, and he was taken so soon. before he left for heaven, he gave me his soccer ball. this is the best gift i have ever received. this ball means so much. i am so happy that sweet little tomas has gone up to heaven and is free of his sickness. rest and peace my little angel.

this journey has helped me grow so much. it has sculpted me into a much better person than i was 4 months ago. i have a much better understanding of life and now i know not to take anything for granted.



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