Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar

Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar was all the craze last year and a knew location opened up nearby. I decided to stop by and was very pleased. If you live in the Twin Cities or visiting, this is a super good place to try!

JPEG image-C584D3FA81C0-1.jpeg
best latte ever!
JPEG image-B0D89C072FF8-1
ubelattedayo umisterra jervoisdwaydonnamoiillatteeteeah; i’m not crazy it’s a christmas song!!
JPEG image-1F0F01EF797F-1
you know its trendy when there are succulents
JPEG image-298545A4B4BA-1
strawberry cheesecake waffle. get it if you come here! it’s so delicious!!


This is my new favorite breakfast place in town! It is so good! Definitely check it out, but not on the weekends if you aren’t looking for a long wait!


Question of the Day

What is your go to breakfast?

let me know!



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