How to Not Be Late for School!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! You made it!! Getting up for school is the hardest thing for me because being a morning person is out of the question completely. I do have some tips and tricks that help me so I thought I would share them!

  1. Move your alarm across the room. This one is pretty basic and I’m sure you’ve heard it before but try it. It works so well!
  2. Don’t use your phone in bed. This will train your body to want to keep playing on your phone while your trying to sleep, so leave it off the bed!
  3. Get into a routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday, even the weekends!
  4. No caffeine! Not forever don’t worry! Just don’t have any after 3:00 and getting up will be so easy.
  5. Do everything you can the night before! Shower, make your lunch, pack your bag, pick out your outfit, do your hair.
  6. Coffee Beans. Add some coffee beans to your face soap or lotion and the smell will immediately was you up!
  7. Be ready early. Say you have to leave at 7:15.  Train your mind into thinking you have to be ready at 7:10 and you’ll have extra time to get out the door!

Sorry for the short post, friends! I will have a post from the weekends events going up Wednesday!


Question of the Day

What are your tips to getting ready quickly and smoothly?

let me know!


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