The Wallflowers- Concert on the Lake

On Sunday, I went over to some family friends house along with 300 others to support children with disabilities and the Cancer Kids Fund at Children’s Hospital. This family has 4 of their own kids and they have adopted 4, 3 of which have down syndrome. Each year they get a band that’s not crazy popular to come perform while they receive $30,000 in donations. They use these donations to support families who cannot afford to be treated for cancer. The Cancer Kids Fund is very special because one of their children with down sydnrome, Stas, who they adopted from Ukraine has been battling with Leukemia for over a year now. The donations are also going towards building a Therapy Center for Disabled Children in Ukraine. This will provide services to these children that they would not otherwise get because people with Down Syndrome are treated like literal garbage. They are thrown out into the streets because they are “worthless” in the eyes of some Ukrainians who make the law.

On a happier note, this years band was Jakob Dylan – The Wallflowers! They were so good! I  love One Headlight! I did not realize who sang it until Sunday night but it was so good! Robbie Christmas opened up for them and his songs were amazing and he just seemed like a really great person. They are all so kind to give up their time to come sing for some amazing charities. Also, just thought I would share that a few years ago Rachel Platten came and sang and nobody knew who she was then. I got a picture with her and got to talk to here and she really is such an amazing girl. Anyways lets get back to The Wallflowers! Here are some pictures from the night!

JPEG image-84B1D4C7C832-1
turtle lake
JPEG image-75D221F637CF-1
some of the wallflowers blocking my view
JPEG image-21A7AE4E8DEC-1
in love with their music
JPEG image-ED2A6B137CD5-1
the angle of the lights made a photo op not so good but I was definitely more in the moment this way!
JPEG image-B5C86184394C-1
some fireworks to celebrate that all lives matter no matter your race, what you look like, if you have down syndrome, if you are unborn, we all matter and deserve a life. we are all the same and united under God.



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