Back to School Advice and Tips

I love to plan things, it’s such a weird obsession. It just makes me so happy to know that everything is organized and ready to go for the beginning of the school year. Also, ummm new domain!! Yessss I was trying to get just a .com but it wasn’t processing, sad face. But seriously go share the new link!!!! Anyways, I have a bunch of tips for you guys to plan out a successful and fun year!

  1. Get into a routine. During summer I am always staying up late and waking up late. In August, start gradually going to sleep earlier and then setting an alarm for a certain time making it earlier each week until it gets to be the right time. This is a life saver so on the first day your not staying up until 2am and then have to get up at 6 because that was me for a long time.
  2. Map out your schedule. This tip is a must especially if you are starting at a new school. Go find all your classrooms before school starts so your not lost on the first day. Also, I like to write the room number of the class in the notebook or folder I use for it.
  3. Look up your teachers. I know a lot of schools have a staff directory on the website. Look up your teachers so you can see a picture of them and get to know a little bit about them.
  4. Set goals. Setting goals for the year is so helpful. It will motivate you and help you succeed.
  5. Actually use your planner. Planners are a life saver in school so try really hard to stick with writing assignments and other events in it. If you’re having trouble wanting to use it color code it or use fun stickers or washi tape to decorate.
  6. Be confident. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Every morning I want you to make a superhero pose in the mirror for two minutes. Believe it or not, it is scientifically proven that it will make you way happier with your image.
  7. Join a club or team. This is such a good way to get to know people and it is honestly so much fun. Find something you are passionate about and have fun with it!
  8. Use helpful websites and apps. Apps like photo math and quizlet are the beeesstttt. It will help so much and make homework and studying less stressful!
  9. Classical music is the best for studying. enough said.
  10. Have fun! School doesn’t last forever and I know right now you are thinking how miserable it is but compared to the real world it is a breeze. Embrace it and have a great time!

I hope this was helpful to you guys! Also, I have a giveaway that is going on RIGHT NOW! Go enter; the rules are in the post!




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