one day…

am i the only one who daydreams about getting married even though it is not going to happen for 15+ years?!

i love looking at pretty dresses and fantasizing about my first dance and what the decorations are going to be like. i spend way to much of my life doing this, haha. whatever it’s fun.

today i am showing you some of my favorite wedding stuff i’ve seen recently!

dresses: you gotta look good on your special day!


i love all the lace on this dress and the open back is beautiful!


sometimes plain is super cute and in this case it definitely is!bd5322400994086ea9e49c3f5f903a36.jpg

the neckline on this one is so adorable plus i love the colors of the flowers!


her hair is just the cutest thing but i am also really liking the sleeves on this one!

rings: a wedding ring is something that should be absolutely perfect because you’ll be wearing it always and forever.

9cbc97f0f985630fcfd49a74062b3e42.jpg e508fdab1500f99889f429a8db7c73d9.jpg

i love how this one on the left has the gold! i also am obsessed with the thin band on both of them!


this is so so so pretty! i adore how it looks almost like a flower!

venue and decorations: this is my absolute favorite part of my dream wedding, haha.


these are so freaking adorable i am just obsessed! i love white and green with wood!!!


wood is the best decoration ever!


this setup is beautiful! i clearly love the rustic feel, haha.


these chairs are perfect to make the bride and groom stand out in the crowd!0792bd376d87aa6a3f42f696807f7cfc.jpg

love love love!


how sweet is this?!


wouldn’t this be so fun to play fifty years (and anytime) after your wedding and remember all the good times?


i love this personal touch. i would definitely have this at my wedding!


super cute and fun idea for a summer wedding!

first dance songs: the perfect song to remember forever

i can’t help falling in love with you, elvis presley

you are the best thing, ray lamontagne

i won’t give up, jason mraz

just the way you are, billy joel

the best is yet to come, frank sinatra


did you like it? maybe you are getting married soon, your already married, or your like me and just love weddings. no matter what, i hope you liked reading this! see you on sunday!



sorry for the amount of times i used “cute” “adorable” and “love” in this post☺︎


all photos are from pinterest, they are not mine.




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