10 ways to be healthier

each month, i like to set a list of goals that i want to achieve within it. those goals can be anything from health, to school, to money spending (my shopping problem mentioned in yet anther post).

my goals for this month are:

  1. eat healthier
  2. wake up earlier
  3. read more
  4. get ready for each day (get dressed, brush teeth, etc.)
  5. spread kindness and joy
  6. keep up with my blog posting schedule while maintaining efficiency in my school work
  7. be positive
  8. hang out with friends
  9. treat every school day like the last because soon it will be all over
  10. be my best self and be it well

i decided to elaborate on some of these goals and make this post for you guys. here are ten goals i have to stay physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy this month.

  1. drink more water. i seriously do not like water that much. i never really drink it. to be completely honest, i usually just drink pop and sometimes juice. it is really terrible for my health and i am going to really try to drink way more water this month!
  2. eat breakfast. i never eat breakfast. i am going to try extra hard to eat something in the morning because every time i do have breakfast i feel so much better throughout the whole day.
  3. get more sleep. i get a pretty average amount of sleep each day, usually 7 or 8 hours. but the thing is, i usually stay up the latest i can and get up the latest i can. i don’t like doing this at all. i’d like to try going to sleep earlier and waking up at the same time everyday. this will help set a routine for my mornings.
  4. get more exercise. i am a pretty active person, but we all have those days where we just want to sit around and do nothing. i want to try and limit those days to once or twice a week and exercise throughout the rest of the week.
  5. be positive and grateful. this is a more mental health idea but it will really help to be happier and healthier this month.
  6. give yourself a break. eat a treat once in a while. i had a donut and a latte for breakfast the other day and it is totally fine! also, give yourself a break from school work or work work and just enjoy some free time!
  7. write it down. document your ups and downs in a journal. it will really help keep you motivated.
  8. read a book. reading is a really great way to relieve stress. it is super calming and i love it for my mental health.
  9. get outside. the outdoors is so relaxing and exciting. there is so much to do. maybe you just lay out in the grass or your go for a walk and run. it is so fun to be outside no matter what.
  10. don’t forget what’s important. being healthy is great, but sometimes you just need a break to hang out with friends and family and eat ice cream all night. don’t be ashamed, doing this is great. also remember to keep up with work or school amongst all this.

i hope this motivates you to be super healthy this month and the rest!

happy wednesday and i’ll see you friday,



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