wrap up: april edition

april has been jam packed for me and i could not be more happy about it. i’m that annoying girl that if i don’t have something to do every second i’ll go around bothering you and saying “i’m bored” over and over again. it’s definitely irritating to others but i embrace it, haha. with that being said having a busy month is just awesome for me.

i began this month in florida and let me just say, vacation is a great start to a month. i had the best time and i can’t wait for my next trip which is coming up this summer! i just love traveling and i love posting about my travels.

i also got to officially become a registered student at the high school i’m going to next year!! i’m so beyond excited but it’s crazy to think i won’t be going back to the same school i’ve been at my entire life. i’m gonna miss it so much. shoot, i’m tearing up writing this!! why does this always happen to me??

i’m so close to being confirmed! my confirmation is may 24th and i am so excited to be more in touch with my faith. i really do not care if you do not like that i talk about my catholic beliefs on this blog because that is who i am and it is what i am passionate about in this life. being confirmed is a huge step and i am very ready to take it! (i also got a cute dress so it all works out)

i’ve been really into my blog this month. i’ve gotten into the routine of posting every sunday, wednesday, and friday. i was a little rocky with the posting in the beginning of the month because of my vacation, but now i am back on track and i plan on staying that way! my hard work has definitely paid off because (this probably isn’t that crazy but whatever i got excited) last week i got 54 views and 24 visitors and in march i used to get maybe one visitor a day! over this past month i’ve gone from 17 views to 84! that’s crazy. my blog most have been terrible in those 4 months of not really having any views haha. i don’t know it’s just kinda crazy to me that my blog is growing so much from where it was a few weeks ago!

i hope you enjoyed this recap of my month. please let me know if you are interested in seeing one for may!

thanks for readin’





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