wishing for s’more times like these!

this weekend we got some new patio furniture and what better way to break it in then by having a bonfire with friends and family! so on friday i biked to the falls (what the locals call minnehaha falls) with three of the sweetest girls i know and we got dairy queen and skipped rocks in the creek and had an awesome time! then we had s’mores sitting on the new couch all curled up together with blankets and pillows! yesterday (saturday) i did the same with my family!

here are some photos:


we only fell of our bikes 3 times, making progress everyday!


sun is shining, eyes are squinting


not even the 70 degree weather can keep my christmas apparel put away


burnin up


my perfect little thing


we graduate in less than 25 days. gonna miss my besties everyday.

i hope you can get out and roast some marshmallows sometime soon! it’s a good time☼




as you have probably heard, minneapolis’ beloved musical artist, prince, has passed away. this definitely comes close to home with me. he put my city on the map and i could not be more grateful. he created the ‘minneapolis sound.’ although he was never my favorite musician, i am proud to say prince was minneapolis born and raised and he never forgot that amidst the fashion and fame.

rest in peace, my friend.


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