fitness inspiration!

▲ zella cutout back tank  go-warm compression leggings▲  flow criss cross running shoes▲ poppy outfit 

happy fitness friday everyone (is this a thing?!)! i know new workout attire gets me motivated so hopefully this technique works for you too ;).  i strongly believe you need one solid outfit to wear to the gym and sometimes it’s good to get a new one.

the zella collection at nordstrom is so adorable! i’m obsessed with everything! this cutout tank top is a favorite for sure. it’s really light weight which is perfect for working out. plus the orange color is super cute, but the classic white is always a trusty option.

old navy leggings are the best! not only are they affordable, but they are super comfy and cute too. no need to go spend $100 on lulu leggings that are just as good as these o.n. compression ones for half the price! the gray goes with everything!

i don’t know about you but i’m getting tired of wearing the same basic black nikes that everyone owns. don’t get me wrong, i love mine, but i think these under armour running shoes are better quality and a refreshing change!

i’ve recently gotten really into fableticsthey customize the outfits to your liking by just answering a few questions. the poppy outfit that popped up for me is adorable. i love it so much!

so that’s a wrap! i hope you enjoyed! leave a comment saying your workout essentials because i’m looking for some new stuff to put in my gym bag!





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