meganblogs101 in florida

this long overdue post is finally here! i know you guys have been waiting for it and i’m so sorry it didn’t get up sooner! i’ve been crazy busy since i got back on 4/6/16! also, i know i promised a travel diary video but it just didn’t turn out the way i planned. i believe my next trip is going to be washington d.c. this summer and i’m gonna try really hard to get a diary up for you guys!

so here are my photos from this wonderful spring break vacation!


rainy minnesota made for an artsy runway pic before takeoff


flying over fort myers before we landed


i took the cliché photo as soon as i had the opportunity


lots of pool time was very enjoyable


we went kayaking in lovers key national park and then enjoyed the beautiful beach there.

IMG_1891.jpg IMG_1892.jpg

lovers key


we missed you paige!


searching for alligators in this everglades boat tour. we actually did end up seeing a two or three!


memories are way clearer than this picture from captiva island.


we said goodbye to fort myers and hello to sunny fort lauderdale for the last few days of the trip


the clear water was beautiful and reminded me so much of mexico!


this is kinda random but the architecture at the W fort lauderdale was so cool; i love this hotel


the sunset over the ocean wished us a happy goodbye

and there we have it! another spring break for the books. my sister, paige, couldn’t make it and it definitely wasn’t the same without her. we missed you paige!

i hope you enjoyed!



i’m getting back onto my schedule now that things have calmed down a bit! sorry about the lack of posts over the last few weeks!



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