travel bucketlist

eeeekkkkk long time no talk….

happy april everyone! i got back from florida wednesday and i still haven’t had time to put together a post yet. i’m hoping i’ll have it up this wednesday but no promises.

it is currently snowing here so hopefully april snow showers bring may flowers? i’m keeping my fingers crossed for spring but right now it seems like a long shot!

even though i just got back, this bad weather has me wanting to travel far away from mn! don’t get me wrong, i love it here, but it’s april. c’mon mother nature!! these are just some places i’ve always wanted to go and some reasons why!

in no specific order:



who doesn’t want to hike through beautiful fjords?! i would love to go in summer because it is light all day long. it would be awesome to be able to do so many things in the middle of the night just because you can. but if you go in the winter you can see the northern lights so it would take lots of careful consideration to decide which season to visit. there are also so many beautiful cliffs like pulpit rock which just looks absolutely stunning! amongst all the nature, the city of oslo is so amazing! the skyline is actually unreal in pictures. i can’t even imagine what it would be like in person! there is also a gorgeous castle there where the queen and king live! definatley will have to visit soon!


South Africa

there are so many reason why i want to visit south africa. the wildlife is so amazing. i’ve always had an interest in seeing african animals in person! going on a safari is most definitely on my list of do’s. the african culture is so amazing also! the people there are so friendly and the food and music is amazing and that’s just what i know from my experience with the african culture here in america. the beaches in cape town look so gorgeous. i hope i am blessed enough to come here one day.



there is so much to see and do in portugal! the beautiful rock structures are reason enough to want to visit. most of the ancient caves were formed by lava. it may seem like a boring history lesson to some, but to me it sounds wonderfully exciting. it also just seems to give off the peaceful vibes. i also think riding in a boat around the country would be so fun. the water is beautifully blue and clear! there are also really cool hot springs that act like a natural hot tub. i love seafood so much and i’ve heard portugal has absolutely amazing fresh fish. libson doesn’t look like most cities do nowadays with huge skyscrapers. the ancient architecture gives off a totally different vibe than that busy city one that i still love so much.



ugh it’s just stunning! the beaches here are the most beautiful ones i’ve ever seen! i really want to visit phuket! also the floating markets look so cool and they are so different then anything i’ve seen before! basically you float around in a gondola like in venice, except the canal is lined with little markets that sell food, clothes, and souvenirs. i’d also really love to ride elephants! there are many non-cruelty  places that look so fun! thailand is beautiful in every single way.



jordan is like a little hidden gem! the dead sea is so cool. it’s ten time saltier than any other body of water which makes it so easy to float and relax in it. you can see most of the country in just a few days because it is about the same size as indiana. petra is a super awesome ancient city. it is entirely built of stone and it is deep in the cliffs of the country! there are also cool sites with structures from the roman empire. there are beautiful coral reefs in the red sea the would be so fun to swim in. another unique thing is the ancient mosaics that are engraved in stone. jordan seems like such a cool place to visit!

i hope you liked this! traveling is so fun. i hope i get the opportunity to go to these places and many more in my life.



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