getting ready….

eeeekkk!!!! i’m left for florida today!!! i packed the other night, and was just to excited not to share. i hope this isn’t too boring because i know i didn’t show a lot of the clothes in detail. it’s just a way to intrigue you into watching for my travel posts and diary where these clothes will have their debut. just kidding, i’m just to lazy to take pictures of 35+ clothing articles and uploading them all. you probably wouldn’t want to see that anyway.

so here are some pictures from my packing experience.








feel free to copy this list for some inspiration. (if you zoom in it’s easier to see.)












isn’t this suitcase so cute?! in person it’s much more blue/green. check it out at tj maxx.


packing can be extra fun with a cute little kitty. by the way, this is my cat, kitty.


a little sneak peak inside my suitcase.


take some crazy selfies. trust me, i know from experience it makes packing 10 times better.

stay tuned for next wednesday because i’m not sure if i’m going to be uploading while i’m on vacation!





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