a very hoppy easter

happy easter pals! today i enjoyed a beautiful easter mass and a wonderful brunch. enjoy these pictures from this joy filled day.


the first thing i did when i woke up was search for my easter basket. it was in the pantry.


a began getting ready by painting my nails with this beautiful spring blue!


i paused to take a little bunny selfie because what would easter be without one? this year i didn’t have to buy any ears because snapchat has the new filters this time!

Photo on 3-27-16 at 12.37 PM.jpg

if you didn’t take a selfie while doing your hair, did you even do it? btw sunglasses for dramatic effect. (i’m such a weirdo, lol sorry)


finished product!!! i just connected two braids in the back of my head with a clear elastic. i think this would be really pretty to do with two waterfall braids but i didn’t have enough time.


the outfit. if everything in this outfit wasn’t from 3 years ago i would link it but…


selfayyyy stickkkkk


sistas sistas


oops. i’m a failure of a blogger and forgot to take pictures at lunch. here is the final good by hug and we are off to madison to take paige back to school.

hoppy easter,





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