basic is boring

i admit, i have a very basic style. i have been trying to branch out lately, even though i just bought a new pair of white converse. being bold can be scary, but i think it is time to give it a try.

here are some things to spice up your closet:

tie dye! it is so hipster/bohemian and i absolutely love it! you don’t see many people with a tie dye dress, so i’m hoping i’ll stand out wearing this dress from american eagle in florida next week.


i love this dress from lulu’s! i’ve never seen anything like it before. it is super cute and a pretty reasonable price! look at more from lulu’s if your looking to branch out.1860342_308692.jpg

this piece is so unique! i love the color and the fringe! at forever 21 they have an entire section called “on the fringe” with tons of other music festival esc clothes.


these shorts are so cute! they are a little more on the pricy side but i’m sure you could find a similar pair for a cheaper price with a little research.


embrace the bad tan lines you’re gonna get! this swimsuit from pacsun is gorgeous and completely different.


this is such a fun twist on a basic hat. forever 21 has lots of cute hats for cheap! check em out.




alrighty that’s all i’ve got for you! i hope this inspires you to be bold and step out of your comfort zone! don’t be afraid to be different peeps! see you sunday (hopefully)!


i will be pretty busy next week with lots of travel so posts might be a little shaky. i’m going to madison on sunday and monday and then leaving for florida on wednesday. it should be fun but busy! look forward to some travel posts!


did you notice the update? check it out, i’ve been working hard on it.





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