books take you places

not everyone is going somewhere this spring break and i feel like the internet is blowing up with travel tips and packing lists. so if you are not going anywhere grab one of these good books that will take you far away.

salt to the sea. ruta sepetys.

i’ve recommended this one before, but i am currently reading it and loving it! it will take you all the way back to world war two all around europe.

to kill a mockingbird. harper lee.

i’m reading this classic one for school and it is a beautiful story. it really shows how much the world has change and how much change is yet to come.

up from slavery. booker t. washington.

this is a great book for that history side of you. it is so inspiring and extremely well written.

matched. ally condie

this book is really fun and perfect for a layed-back kind of day.

pride and prejudice. jane austen.

and every other jane austen book. she is one of my favorites; she is a great author.

the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. c.s. lewis.

this book has a childish plot line but is still very fun to read. you can watch the movie afterwards too!

the adventures of tom sawyer. mark twain.

this is a classic book about adventures and will definitely bring you back to those days where you would run around all crazy outside and come up with wild adventures.

romeo and juliet. william shakespeare.

everyone MUST read this book. it is so genuine. shakespeare is also a magnificent author.

much love and happy reading



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