travel tips for spring break

  1. step outside of the box. try going to some of the local shops and attractions rather than the popular tourist ones.
  2. document it. take lots of pictures and videos. get pumped for pictures from florida and a travel diary!
  3. write it down. writing captures the moment in so many different ways than pictures do. you can right down smells, tastes, and feelings: definitely things that a picture can’t capture.
  4. live in the moment. don’t spend too much time focusing on getting the perfect shot for a photo or video, but take a mental picture and remember the fun memories.
  5. dress comfortable but cute. you always want to be ready for a photo-op but make sure your not wasting time getting super fancy. check out my spring break inspiration  for cute and comfy.
  6. eat healthy. make sure you aren’t giving up on eating right on vacation. you don’t want to get sick and be looking unhealthy.
  7. drink water. staying hydrated is key to have the optimal experience.
  8. get sleep. a good night sleep isn’t always an option for vacation, especially international travel. try to make it a priority to get at least seven hours so you can be fully energized and in a good mood.
  9. get away from the phone. vacation is the perfect getaway from social media.
  10. enjoy and relax. don’t stress about things going on at home. this is your time to relax and enjoy.

safe and fun travels,




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