“may your best miles be covered by foot”

the warm weather does not last very long here in minneapolis. this being said, any day above 55 degrees you’ll see the whole city population out and about. this saturday was one of those days, so i had the super original idea of going out and enjoying it. i ventured across the mighty mississippi and came across hidden falls (which are not very well hidden). In my adidas tank top (yes i said tank top, yes it is march, yes i live in minnesota) and some running shorts i climbed waterfalls and hills and had the best time. i especially loved stopping for pictures and taking in all the fresh air i could get.

here are some of those pictures:


here are my nikes in the mud


“i took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”


just because i love bridges


em eye es es eye es es eye pee pee eye


and lastly the not so hidden hidden falls

find more pictures like this on my vsco




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